Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who are you ?

The sons of Sceva were asked "Who are you ?". If you wre ever asked this question, what will be your answer ?

It's very important to know who we are, because our identity determines what we do, how we do it and how we react to the events in this world. Moreover it enables us to act instead of re - act.

Jesus gave one call : He said "Follow me !!!". So we are first of all Jesus followers.
What happens when we respond to this call to follow Jesus ?

1. He will teach us in the new covenant with God
1.1 He will show us what it means
1.2 He will interpret the scriptures for us
1.3 He will ask us to watch him minister
1.4 He will ask us to hang on with him for a while
1.5 He will send us
2. We well become sent ones.

Jesus said : "As the Father has sent Me, I also send you" (John 20:21).

Jesus declares somewhere that a disciple is not greater than his master, but a well trained disciple is just like his master.

What was the master like ? What was his character ? What did he do, how did he behave, how did he act, how did he react, who did he claim to be ?

The Bible attributes this elements of traits, or of character or actions to Jesus

- He was full of wisdom
- He was filled with the Holy Spirit
- He was a teacher
- He was a toucher
- He was full of compassion for people
- He was always going where He could reach hurted people
- He was a preacher
- He was a shepherd of lost people
- he was a doctor
- He was an evangelist
- He was an apostle: He was the great apostle of our confession
- When he touched people they were healed
- He was going about doing good: healing all who were oppressed by the devil
- When he preached, the power of the Lord was present to heal the people
- When people touched him, virtue got out of him and healed the people
- He healed people by his word
- He cleansed the lepers
- ...
- He called God his father
- He said "I come from above..."
- He called believers "His mother, and brother and sister...."
- ...

This is Jesus, full of Glory and Power. This is Jesus.... And the Bible declares, so He was in the world, so shall we be also, and this is for all believers, not for a few chosen, frozen people.

God in the new covenant has gone public, A people God, not a system God.
He wants anybody to have Him inside of him
He wants manybodies, anybody, any race, either sexe, allbodies, all colors, all professions, all sizes, all wieghts, all nationalities... He wants everybody to know Him and to have Him inside of him.

This is my God.....

This is what I am, this is my identity, this is who I am.


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