Friday, February 13, 2009

Who are you (II)

I am a healer
I am a blesser
My purpose on earth is to be a witness of Jesus Christ and produce proofs that HE is ALIVE today.
And as HE was on Earth so Am I today.
God loves me and blesses me
And HIS love lifts me up to his level
And gives me HIS very nature.
That's what Jesus Christ came to show me
I am a Jesus Person in today's hurting world.
And because HE lives I live also.
His Power Rests upon me and give freedom to the captives.
I have a DIVINE Purpose.
I am Important
I am hooked - up with God
I am not only a person for a village named Kollo
The son of God is alive in Me
and I am his instrument
I am his voice
He's got tongue, hands, feets, eyes, mouth... in me
I've got all his wonderful blessings
And I can share it
Like Peter, I have good stuff that I can give and that will fix you,
Whatever need you've got, it will fix it.
I believe it's God's will that I keep saying this,
Until we, intelligent world citizens catch on to it.
But let's remember that we don't learn until we do.
Our creeds should become our deeds or it's dead
Our creed should take flesh and become our deeds.
This is a blessing time from God
he has called us, ordained us, put as there and bless us
And there is a ministry of love, kindness and blessings to bring to people.
The Holy Ghost commandment is still the same for the "sent ones"
And I am one of them. Are you ?
Jesus came with the message "Follow me" and HE went where people were....
He healed Simon's Peter's mother, than a great crowd.
The night He went to pray while the disciples went to bed.
The next day they wanted to stay and rehearse the blessings
But Jesus was already thinking about the next town.
We are sent not to rehearse blessings over and over to oursleves, but to receive and share to the next person and the next person, and the next person
That's my ministry.
I recieve it and I like it.
As I go among people, I will obey Jesus and heal the sick, cast out devils.
What I've got heal the sick when I mix up with people,
It delivers the people from the devils.


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