Monday, March 16, 2009

The Gospel to the Romans

Paul was such a student of the Word of God, and he knew the scriptures,
But he missed it all.

Throughout the prohets that foretold that this light will breakout amongs the gentils and they will all come to it.
Paul said to himself "How have I missed that". How could I have missed it. He must have though about those thirthy years after Christ.

All that time, he had missed it
While other people was believing on Him he was out trying to kill them.
He must have think

How could I make such mistakes ? How could I have missed it ? I heard it when I was a boy, from my mama, from my relatives.... How could I miss it

Then he must have though about those who crucified him.

He was glad at the time they did, but later Jesus was resurected and Paul get converted and fall passionately in love with Him.
He thinks now, I have to take this good news to all of them: they need to hear that

It's the good news about the one predicted by all the prophets that would come

And Paul's thinking about this and is concerned by those romans: "They are like me, they killed him and delighted to kill him, they gamble on his garments, they were delighted when they kill that rebels"

Romans did it and I was so glad...

Then he might have begun to weep. How could the grace of God come to mee in such a way, that I may have this revelation....Look how wicked I was.

I knew all the scriptures but ignored them all.

I was on a campaign to destroy Jesus. How could the grace of God come to me that way ? In a vision. Why would God send this light to me ?

I wasn't the only one out, trying to round up the christians for Nero....

Why me ? How could I have been so fortunate ?

But that light shined to me

I realized now, that before I was separated from my mother's womb that God called reveal his Son in me.

Never forget that, that's what we are called for.

And Paul is thinking with such reflexion, such depth of compassion

These romans are just like I was: they are doing it for legal reasons, political reasons, ... because they think that this rebel, sooner or later will lead a riot in the city... and I was doing it for religious reason... Which begottery was the worst ? Political begottery or religious begottery ?


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